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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Haifa 18/7/2006, 17:11

X is angry about the common response of europe to the israel-lebanon crisis: "desproportinate use of force by Israel". In order to understand why X feels so, it must be said that in the spanish TV our premier, Zapatero, said that because up to now, more than 200 hundreds civilians from Lebanon have died and because spaniards returnig from that country said to the TV that Israel was destroying the entire country. Someone said in a TV as well, that it was similar as if ETA decide to attack France and in response, France decides to burn down into pieces the whole country of Spain, killing civilians mostly. The comparison is not accurate and it is simplistic indeed, but that is the feeling of many spanish people and most europeans.
He is the letter of X:

Disproportionate response?z
D'Alema and Zapattero accuse Israel that its response is
`disproportionate'. Now, let us analyze a little what's going on here.
Hizbollah is malign tumor. This is not my diagnosis, neither Oriana Fallaci's
who may have written so. It is the diagnosis of the Security Council who passed
a resolution that amounts to this. Even French diplomats promised in 2000
that Hizbollah will become `just' a political party. Now, would anyone of
you treat malign tumors by aspirin and not by surgery, because you do not
want leftists to call your action `disproportionate'?

Do you think that Nasrallah is the being (I cannot call him man) who would
stop attacks and return our soldiers if Israel fires three bullets and,
possibly, a rocket? Let's be serious.


Anonymous said...

Zapatero and Blanco (psoe) blames Israel. Zapatero and Blanco saids that freedom endurance is a foolish and illegal war.

ruben said...

Agree. That's the whole point.
They said as well that Lebanon is defenceless and civilians have no blame on what's Nasrallah is making through Hezbollah.
If Kant woke up off his grave, he would be ashamed of what the Aufklärung, the Enlightment, has become for some of us.