Everything is connected with everything else. However, for every single truth (or assumed as verity), there is a "transversal" one. All these transversal truths constitute the contradictions of modern life.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Haifa, 16/07/2006, 15:39

Attack over Haifa.
Re: My dear friend

Muchas gracias. I was on the point of leaving for [...] to meet [...] when rockets began falling on our region. Eight railway workers killed immediately and a not a few wounded. My family did not allow me to get out and well they did because the [...] was closed down immediately.

I suppose that it is possible to put the question in the following way. What Hizbollah is doing, by order of Teheran and Damascus, is a diversion meant to hide the nuclear developments in Iran. The rockets that reached Haifa are made in Iran. A night before yesterday, four soldiers were killed by an Iranian rocket fired against one of our missile boats. One of those killed was Yaniv Hershkovitz, the son of the representative of Lloyd's Register in Israel.

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