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Monday, July 17, 2006

Haifa, 13/07/2006, 18:58

I will keep my friend's name and affiliation for security reasons.

Israel vs. Lebanon
Shalom to you all (Pax vobiscum),

I do not know what information is transmitted by your local media.
Therefore, I would like to tell what we know here. Hizbollah perpetrated yesterday an unprovoked attack on our forces. They wounded and kidnapped two soldiers, killed eight and wounded more. Our army reacted in legitimate
self-defense. The answer was a shower of Katiusha rockets that continues
to this our. A woman killed, 90 civilians wounded. In Majd-el-Krum, a
Moslem village, there are 20 wounded. Zefat (Safed), the town of the
Kabalists, is among those bombed. I am angry on our government because
their only response is a military one, while I think that there are other
means too. At this hour the Hizbollah is threatening to shell Haifa.

For instance, I find it unacceptable that Khaled Mashal, the Capo of the
Hamas, talks freely against us on Syrian TV, and Nasrallah , the Capo of
Hizbollah, talks freely and violently against us, from his own TV on
Lebanese territory. I would have expected our government, not me, to ask
the following questions. What would be the reaction of the Spanish
government if ETA terrorists would speak freely against Spain, on French
TV? What would be the creation of the French government if Corsican
independists would speak against France on Italian TV? What would be the
reaction of Italian government if independists from South Tyrol would
speak against Italy on Austrian TV? hat would be the reaction of the
Russian government if any Western TV chain would allow Tchechen separatists
to violently attack Russia?

The Lebanese prime minister claimed yesterday that he knows nothing about
the Hizbollah aggression on its Southern border. Is he in command or not?
And if not, can Lebanon be called an independent state that can sit in the
UN? Who is making the rule in Lebanon, its democratically chosen
government, or a militia controlled by foreign powers, that is Syria and

The world says that Israel is causing misery in the Gaza strip. At the
same time, those who incite the Palestinians to kill and kidnap Israelis
are living comfortably abroad and appear well-fed and well-dressed on TV.
I mean again Khaled Mashal and Nasrallah, the latter looking rather fat.
They do not look like fastening or morning for the fate of their beloved
Palestinians. By the way, when I was student, a colleague

Politically-correct people are talking about a humanitary emergency in the
Gaza strip. Public opinion polls show that about 70% of the Gaza
population approves the abduction of the Israeli soldier Shalit, is
against his immediate return, and wants more kidnapings. It does not seem
that the large majority of Palestinians care for their humanitary
situation. The only thing they really care for is revenge.

Why does not our government say these truths? I think that telling them
may be the equivalent of several shells.

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