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Monday, July 17, 2006

Haifa, 17/07/2006, 19:01

Starting to lose faith in the UN. My friend has sent this to the New York Times as well. Wants it to be known.

Israel Vs. Hizbollah

I would like to begin as usual in Hebrew, that is with `Shalom' (Peace).
It seems that this is not the case. Only today we received three waves of
rockets on Haifa and there are wounded. Because of these attacks I was
not able to attend the funerals of the son of one of my friends (by the way,
born in Galatz). He was aboard one of our corvettes that was touched by a
shore-sea rocket made in Iran and controlled by a radar of the Lebanese

Let us see what happens here. On the territory of Lebanon a militia is
active that is neither the Lebanese army, nor is it controlled by the Lebanese
government. This militia is controlled by Damascus and Teheran and the
Lebanese PM acknowledges this in front of the press. There is a UN
resolution that calls for the withdrawal of Hizbollah from the Israeli
border and the placement of Lebanese troops there. Syria and Iran oppose
the implementation of this resolution. How would you characterize this

The creation of the State of Israel was established by a UN resolution.
Arab and Muslim states did not recognize and do not respect this resolution
until this very day. Some of those states served in the Security Council,
while Israel was never chosen for it. So, states that do not respect UN
resolutions receive a prize for their attitude?

Israel is the only UN member whose existence is contested and under
constant danger. Germany perpetrated the worst crimes documented in
history and no one contests its right to existence. Slovakia and Croatia
were `independent' for the first time as puppets of Nazi Germany. Under
those circumstances horrible crimes were perpetrated on their territories.
Now, they are again independent and no one contests their right to
existence. We are the only country whose right of existence is constantly
contested by a coalition of reactionary, partly feudal and clerical
states. Paradoxically, states that claimed to be socialist, or communist,
made an unholy coalition with those reactionary states and enhanced their
arrogance and let them believe they are right.

If the UN is not able to make order in this situation, as it is not able
to make order in Darfur, Kashmir, East-Timor, Congo, etc, what need do we
have for this costly organization?

Dixi et salvavi animam meam.

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