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Monday, July 17, 2006

Haifa, 14/07/2006, 20:06

Scaling terror in the Middle East. My friend begins to worry about their future:

Shabath Shalom,

The radio instructs us to be ready to enter shelters. There are two other
informations that I am not sure whether they appear on your media. First,
the rocket that reached Haifa yesterday was MADE IN IRAN. I am not sure
that I caught the right name of the rocket, and I am not sure about
the spelling: Fajer or Fager. The second, without using the explicit name,
a Saudi source said that what Hizbollah is doing is not RESISTANCE, but
ADVENTURE. Nasrallah shows that he is not pleased with this definition.

What the world should understand is that Hizbollah is not a resistance
movement, but the fifth column of Iran and Syria. Hizbollah is not
fighting for the independence of the Palestinians, but is fighting to
make Palestinians and Lebanese the dependents of Syria and Iran. Europe
did not know how to stop in time the arrogance of Hitler, it does not know
how to stop the extreme arrogance and impudence of this fat swine that
does not eat swine meat (God knows, perhaps he eats swine in hiding?).

Today we have many civilian casualties, dead and wounded. And the world
is keeping quiet, or, at most, is accusing us.

Shabath Shalom,

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