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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Blogger beta

I 've been using for a while now beta blogger. The lay out is slightly different with a lot of new features.
However users who have switched to Blogger in beta will not be able to login to comment on blogs that have not switched. Commenting using the “anonymous” or “other” options will still work.  Videns hic.
I am planning to use wordpress in my "professional" website, but since it does not support MySQL, I am thinking about an alternative.The site needs a refresh. The only interesting thing the site hosts is the articles and papers area, with the things I publish.
At the same time, Firefox has been slowing down my old Toshiba 5000-204. I passed to Opera 9.02 which is incredibly excellent. It lacks of integration with other apps and fails with certain things sometimes (like blogger, for example), but it's the fastest and reliable web browser on earth, no doubt about it.
I am getting used to the new web2.0 software: del.icio.us, flickr, etc. etc. and it worths the stretch.
And at last, I'd like to see friends of mine starting new blogs and improving them.

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