Everything is connected with everything else. However, for every single truth (or assumed as verity), there is a "transversal" one. All these transversal truths constitute the contradictions of modern life.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Certainly, it always requires some courage to change your plans, the way you lived, your full existence; but I have always believed in the quality of humans about changing their entire life: Re-inventing yourself again and again it is something not everybody is able to do, or it is not ready to do. It needs courage.
Notwithstanding the latter, the change of plans is something that in many cases has been latent deep down those people: I prefer to contemplate them as men whose interest are diverse:I do not believe in labels, or let's say that I would like to act as they would not exist...
People value the intelligence of the individuals.
I value more the moral attitude of individuals, for controversial and contradictory it could be.
But what it is priceless in a human being, regardless his intelligence or moral and ethical behaviour, it's his ability to get self-detached of the weight of his prejudices; to break off with the burden of his darkest fears and to overcome them.

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