Everything is connected with everything else. However, for every single truth (or assumed as verity), there is a "transversal" one. All these transversal truths constitute the contradictions of modern life.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The value of a man

Here we are a usual comment in a working relationship: "this man is most valuable" or "this person is priceless". So, how do we weight the value of a man?
Well: that is a "straight comment". So, as for every single simple truth there is a "transversal" one, what would be the transversal truth in this case?
One answer can be found in Antonio Machado's Juan de Mairena: "Nadie es más que nadie, porque, por mucho que valga un hombre, nunca tendrá valor más alto que el valor de ser hombre".
Which could be freely translated as "Nobody is more (greater or better) than anybody else, because, whatever the valuable a man could be, he never could reach a higher value than the one of being a man. Don't you agree?
Transversal truths brings to our attention the contradictions of the system and society we live in.

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